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Google Analytics and Google Adwords Training

by Cardinal Path

Learn from experienced account managers and analysts while having exclusive access to live data. Cardinal Path Training has helped tens of thousands of professionals improve their skills and confidence to propel their business forward. Now it’s your turn!


home-adwordsGoogle AdWords Training

Whether you’re new to AdWords or a seasoned ad split-testing guru, our courses are designed to cover a variety of topics at all levels.

home-iconoUnderstand basic and advanced concepts including Quality Score, CPA, bid strategies and dynamic keyword insertion (DKI) that will prepare you for the Adwords exam.

home-iconoLearn the secrets of how to build the best campaign structure for your business and optimize messaging to drive clicks. Then, see how you can get 20% more reach by replicating your success on the Bing platform.

home-iconoKeep up with newly released tool features that will help you gain even more from your current efforts.

home-analyticsGoogle Analytics Training

Our Analytics training series starts by introducing you to to Google Analytics fundamentals, progressing through measuring marketing performance and how to customize your implementation.

home-iconoGain valuable insight into the various reports available while analyzing live data.

home-iconoExplore the different settings and code customizations you can leverage to propel your reports to the next level.

home-iconoStay current with the latest enhancements, and learn how to benefit from new features.

Are you new to Google AdWords? Do you already use it and need to optimize campaigns? We will help you become a more skilled advertisers with our training courses. From setting up your first campaign to complex keyword bidding strategies and conversion optimization. We will prepare you to pass AdWords Certification exams.

What You´ll Learn

On the Google Analytics Training Courses you will go from introducing yourself to web analytics to the most advanced subjects. You will learn and discover with Google Analytics how to use your data to improve the online experience of your customers. We will prepare you to achieve the Google Analytics Individual Qualification.

What You´ll Learn

Cardinal Path has trained over 50,000 Analytics and AdWords users worldwide. AdveiSchool is a leading academy that has been training for more than 7 years through all Latin America, Spain and Europe. Using a combination of humor, enthusiasm and deep, real-world technical savvy, our trainers deliver engaging content and expert advice that is both useful and usable. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll leave our seminars with practical tips and tools you can implement immediately to boost your marketing ROI.

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